Test Your Internet Speed!

SpeedSmart is an internet speed test app with full result history, 100+ test servers and more for your WiFi, 5G or 4G connection on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Speed Test Features
  • SpeedDiscover your true download and upload internet speed.
  • LatencyMeasure your connections latency with Ping and Jitter test.
  • WiFi & 5GGet accurate results even on ultra fast connections.
  • 100+ ServersGlobal server network for accurate speed test results.
  • Result HistoryKeep track of all your past speed tests with an intuitive test history.
  • & MorePro More, Bandwidth Calculator, Siri Shortcuts, and more.
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Your Internet Speed

Start Speedsmart with just one touch for the most accurate download, upload, ping and jitter speedtest results on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Ultra-fast 5G or wifi Connection, that's no problem for SpeedSmart. Unlike other speed test apps, we are ready for fast 5G & wifi speed tests.

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Keep Track

Detailed Result History

Your complete speed test history is kept including SSID, location, data usage and more for your review. Use it to see your conection overtime or to keep your ISP honest. With a SpeedSmart account you can view and manage all yours results acorss multiple devices and the web.

Speed Test Server List


Server Network

Our worldwide network of 100+ high-performance servers enables us to ensure you are able to maximize the potential of your internet connection with accurate speed test results and diagnose performance issues. It's all about the servers.

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Connection Responsiveness

High ping time results in a poor, unresponsive experience, it can make a fast connection feel slow. A low ping means you have a more responsive connection. Test the reaction time your connection to 15 popular services in one test.

Powerful Speed Test

Use SpeedSmart - Internet Speed Test to quickly check your internet connection and measure your internet performance. The most accurate internet speed test, trusted by millions of users on iOS, Android and the Web.

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What users say?
This app is like a loyal friend, it’s come through quickly, efficiently, and with no questions asked. I’ve used Speedsmart countless times over the years with no issues or annoyances. Thank you!
RudyKnox1234 - App Store
Best speed app I've found. Have had several that quit working. This one ways works.
Mike - Play Store
Best app for testing the speed of my internet! Really good app thanks
rohidjetha - App Store
I had no issues at all with the test it showed my Wi-Fi speeds and 5G it works pretty good
Mitch - Play Store
Quick, simple and reliable to use. Highly recommended
Granny Grinder - App Store
Great app to check the strength of any Wi-Fi network.
Freddie222 - App Store
I don’t know a great deal about technology, but I can understand figures/ results, and this app clearly displays how my Internet is performing. The history tab is also great for highlighting speed over time.
Sutmae - App Store
Great app, easy to use and does all it needs to do!
SLAP - App Store
This data speed tester does what it's supposed to do. It is very easy to use. I use it to test both wifi and cellular speeds. I Just tap start and it does the rest.
Tannim98032 - Play Store
iphone & android internet speed test app

Let's Take a Speed Test

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