iPhone XS 29% Faster 4G LTE Over Previous iPhone X

With the release of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max last month came a new Gigabit modem and antenna design that is capable of delivering significantly faster download and upload speed to your iPhone. Putting the new iPhone right inline with the latest Android hardware networking wise. After a few weeks of gathering results using the SpeedSmart Speed Test App we now have a good idea of how the new iPhone performs in the real world across all 4 carriers in the US. Thanks to 4×4 MIMO and some other additions we are seeing double digit percent increase for everyone living in a location with towers capable of taking advantage of the new hardware vs. older modem iPhone.

Nationwide as you can see from the chart above all 4 major networks in the US are seeing significant gains in average speed. We expect this to only get better in the coming months as the network for all 4 carriers is continued to be upgraded across the country. Right now on average using the iPhone XS users are seeing 29.48% faster download speeds when averaged across all networks.

Targeted Cities

Looking at specific cities across the US the difference is even greater. We have created charts for 3 major locations with more to follow at a later date. Charts for Miami, FL, San Francisco, CA and New York City are below. Looking at these 3 locations the gains in performance across all networks is significant and each operator should be very happy. T–Mobile users in Miami, FL are seeing speed of almost 80 Mbps or almost double what users are getting on a iPhone X during the same time period. In New York City Verizon users are seeing a 33% increase in download speed on average and in San Francisco many AT&T users are seeing an almost 50% increase in download speed.

We fully expect this trend to continue and only get better overtime and in more locations across the county. We will do an update post in a few weeks with more cities.

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